Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Ethan is 5 days old today!

Ethan is continuing to do well. They took him off the blue light today and he’s now a happier baby! He didn’t like to sunbathe too much according to the nurse. He always wanted his binky while he was sunbathing. Now that he’s off the blue light, he feels content having a shirt on and being swaddled that he hardly needs his binky at all.

They have been increasing his food intake to 3ccs every 6 hours. He was at 25ccs this afternoon. I tried breastfeeding him today and he did well! The nurse weighed him before I started breastfeeding and weighed him after to see how much he drank! The nurse measured 14ccs intake! (Isn’t it amazing how they can measure something like that?) I fed him 11ccs more breast milk through a bottle and he wanted to sleep right after! (I think he is definitely taking after his Daddy, who always overeats and goes into a food coma!)

I was so happy to see how he’s progressing well today! These are all great milestones, which gets him closer to going home with us! The nurse says they will start weaning him out of the incubator into an open crib soon. I’m hoping we’ll be able to bring him home soon. It breaks my heart to leave him in the hospital all by himself. I felt so empty coming home after being discharged from the hospital this past Sunday. It’s not the same without Ethan at home. Even though he’s only a couple of days old, it seems like he’s been with us forever.

It’s true what everyone says, your life will never be the same after having a baby. I can’t explain it…but it’s true. When I look back on the 7 weeks of bed rest and the long labor, it all seems like it was from a distant past....and definitely all worth the sacrifice for our beautiful son!


ongbanoi said...

Ethan is lovely. We love our grandson very much.
ong ba noi

Linhson said...

Grats and great pics! Make sure you take good parenting notes because Quyen and I are gonna need them when we both graduate :) God bless the newest member of your family.

Linhson and Quyen