Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Wow, Fatherhood is a trip

Ethan is doing great, his magnesium levels are normal, and they have increased his intake of food to 13cc instead of 10cc which means he has a healthy appetite. I stopped by to visit him today and was able to feed him and get a crash course on how to change a diaper. Since this was my third time feeding him from a bottle, I'm at lesson," Baby feeding 103" and now I know that you have to wait until his tongue is down before you stick the nipple in his mouth. He drank 1/2 a bottle w/ his tongue above the nipple (shame on me for not knowing), then we took a quick break and the nurse told me to check the location of his tongue. He quickly chugged the rest of the formula down, turned a little red and looked like he wanted even more. I turned him to his side and he let out a big burp. He reminds me of myself back in my old college days during parties.

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darlene said...

Welcome baby Ethan Hunter Tran!! You are so adorable and Auntie Darlene cant wait to hold you!! Mommy and Daddy must be so overwhemlmed with joy and love that you are finally in their arms!! I will be visiting soon and please do call me for anything!!
Congratulations Christine and Tom!! Christine you did an awesome job!! Welcome to the world of motherhood...its the best job in the world!!
See you guys soon!